Luxury Assisted Living In Scottsdale Arizona

When daily tasks become difficult for a family member, it may be time to consider moving them to an assisted living facility. Moving someone into assisted living is never easy. Often, when a couple has moved to an assisted living facility in Scottsdale, one individual may be in need of more assistance than the other.

Assisted living in Scottsdale fluctuates from a “bare-bones” minimum to luxury living, personalized for an individual’s needs and wants. Luxury care can be costly. However, if someone has been living at a comfortable level of affluence, an affordable move to a luxury, 4- or 5-star facility will make the transition easier for them and their family.

What can you expect at a luxury residence? Expect quality accommodations. Many facilities allow a resident to bring some furnishings along with them. Assisted living in Scottsdale home units are spacious and well-appointed. These units generally vary in size from studio accommodations to two or three bedrooms. Secure parking is often available.



Kitchens are often included, although dining services are available. This allows a resident to dine with other residents in a fine restaurant setting or on a room service basis. There are facilities that have more than one dining plan to accommodate residents, regardless of their mobility and any dietary restrictions. Some facilities include basic valet services for residents who are able to drive safely and transportation for those who prefer being driven. Scottsdale Senior Living Directory facilities offer daily programs for residents from card parties to music to general entertainment. Housekeeping and laundry services are usually included, and reasonable personal pets are welcome.

While residences are well-appointed, safety remains a primary concern. Often doorways are wider to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, kitchen cabinets are a reasonable level and grab bars/safety bars are installed in bathrooms. Well-being checks are conducted on a regular basis. Medications are supervised by staff members to ensure proper medication and dosages.

Facilities with luxury residences often have guest quarters that can be rented on a nightly basis for friends or families that are visiting on a short-term basis. Social activity and social interactions are featured for assisted living residents. These can include exercise classes, group activities, grocery shopping, field trips, and entertainment events.

Many facilities include supervised work out facilities that are appropriate for their residents, along with swimming pools, outdoor patios, community gardens, and walking trails. Spas and barber services are available on site. There are computers and libraries available. Medical and nursing services are available on-site, although transportation to and from appointments is available.

Moving a family member to an assisted living facility is never easy, but choosing well and knowing what is available, provides a level of comfort.