Palau Outfitters is the number one suppliers of outdoor gears and equipment.  They offer huge product lines that are both available online and on their showroom located in Turban, Bali, Indonesia. They sell watersports products and what’s so amazing is that they also offer them at a wholesale price. If you have your own a brand, company or resort, you can order custom-made dry bags from Pulau Outfitters. You can request for additional features like fold over seal system, antistatic and antibacterial dry bag.

Here are some of Palau outfitters company retail partners

  • Bali Surf Outlet
  • Rip Curl
  • Mermaid liveaboards
  • Art Market
  • Bali Outlet Store
  • Surfer paradise
  • Nusa Surfwear
  • Palm Lagoon
  • Surfer Paradise
  • Kartel Boardstore

Palau outfitters sell the following:

  • Kayaks and its accessories
  • SUP boards
  • Surfer’s accessories
  • Paracord items
  • Boogie boards
  • Bandanas and surf hats
  • Surf wax/combs
  • Posca pens
  • Dive and snorkel
  • Dive mask straps
  • Boat accessories and gadgets
  • Surfboard shaping materials:
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Reinforcing tapes
  • Ding repair kits
  • Leash
  • Fin boxes
  • Fin plug set
  • Surfboard blanks
  • Surfboard rail
  • Slide calipers
  • Gauze sheet
  • Sanding sheet
  • Fin screws
  • SUP handle
  • Air plug
  • Towable (single or double or good for 3 persons)
  • And a whole lot more
  • Waterproof pouches (for your phones, camera, keys, etc.)
  • Waterproof dry bags (5 to 50 liters are available)

Prices- All items are priced reasonably. You’ll probably even be surprised how inexpensive their products are!

Quality- Top quality, you couldn’t ask for more…..

Bestseller product

Indonesia is known as the place for outdoor activities including watersports. Tourists from all over the world enjoys its sun-scorching climate which is perfect for any outdoor sports. And this is the reason why Pulau Outfitters Company opened its door to other businesses by offering wholesale price. Pulau Outfitters Company is one of the largest manufacturers of watersports equipment in the world.

Their bestseller is their own waterproof bags which are available in various sizes.

Pulau Outfitter offers a collection of dry bags that are intricately made with 500 Denier PVC tarpaulin and other distinct materials to stop the formation of tiny holes. It’s 100% waterproof, stain resistant, mildew resistant, game resistant and can manage extreme temperature anytime. The quality is unique. They do not sew their waterproof bags. Instead, they make sure that each bag is thermowelded—a process wherein heat is used to stick the materials together—making it extra durable.

Pulau Outfitters website is user-friendly. On their homepage, you’ll see hundreds of items that are priced individually for retail purposes.  For wholesale price or discounted products, you can always contact them and ask for more information on how to avail their wholesale deals.

They also have blogs that provide useful information before placing an item for sale in your online cart. Safety travel tips, health tips, and other useful information during your travel are also available.  You’ll find everything you’ll need at reasonable prices. If you want to know more about what’s on sale and receive the latest news about, sign up for promotions by subscribing to their website.

Water sports equipment suppliers are all over the place and sometimes it’s just difficult to decide where to go and buy your gears and other outdoor sports paraphernalia. So, for me, online shopping before your next trip will help you save enough time and money. Try Pulau online. From Posca pens to dry bags, to boards and wax and all, Pulau Outfitters got you covered.